Chapter 1:- It's All About..., YOU

As you read through the initial pages and chapters, and other parts of the site, there'll often be one word that's highlighted in big, bold, block capital letters, over, and over, and over again. 

The word..., " YOU ". 

At the end of the day I can give you every single scrap of knowledge that I possess, I can open your eyes to things that you never knew existed, but unless YOU truly want to be a footballer with all YOUR heart, where football is YOUR number 1 with everything else taking second place, and unless YOU'RE prepared to work as hard as YOU can and to spit blood in order to achieve this lifelong dream and make it reality, then every single scrap of information I give you, no matter how good, will be absolutely worthless.

It's all about YOU and it always will be.

Success is born in the mind and it comes from the heart. Every single thing YOU do and say on that pitch, and how YOU do it and say it can have either a negative effect, or it can have a positive effect. It’s up to YOU to decide which road YOU want to take. Give absolutely everything YOU'VE to give each and every single time and YOU stand outYOU define who YOU are. Give it anything less and YOU simply blend in and become just another talented footballer.

Heart. Hunger. Desire. Passion. But not just for some of the game. No. For all of it. Not just for two or three games in a row, or just against the, " Big Clubs ". No. Heart. Hunger. Desire. Passion - Today. Tomorrow. ALWAYS. This is not sports psychology. This is a mentality. This is a philosophy. This is a way of life. It defines who we are as people in any walk of life. It's what separates the true winners from everyone else. 

" There's No I In TEAM ". Whoever dreamt this saying up really does need shooting and you must erase this rubbish from your memory as quickly as possible as this is absolutely the wrong mentality, which forces you to think in wholly the wrong way. Without truly focusing on the, " I " there can never, never be a, " Team ". This is straight from the theory books and it simply has absolutely no place in the real world.

The questions YOU should be asking YOURSELF on a daily basis are these. How can I improve ? What more can I do? What do I need to do in training today that I didn't do in training yesterday to ensure that I'm better than I was yesterday? How can I help those around me to do the same? 

I'll give you every single scrap of information I have, and I'll give you all the help and advice I can, but then it's up to YOU to do all the rest.

Thank you for your time.