11 / 8 / 1989 TO 18 / 9 / 2009

Brian was on the verge of going into Serie A when he was tragically struck down just a few meters from his front door by a car.

Known as, " The Albanian Kaka' " he was given a state funeral back home in Albania and he brought the entire town to a standstill in his adopted town of Cervia in Italy where he grew up.

Brian's father, George, is a national football hero and Brian was due to go on to even greater things...,


I had the truly great honour of training Brian and he was my greatest coaching achievement to date. So alike Massimo Maccarone both on the pitch and in his mannerisms that it defies belief ! 

Those who know about Massimo's early promise and records will know how he was rated in Italy during his U21 International and Serie B days. In my opinion Brian was even better than Massimo was then and it was just a matter of time before his incredible talent and the things we were working on would have proved this to be the case. Sadly, this was not to be and his tragic loss has will haunt me forever.

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It goes without saying that Brian would have made it without me.

The bond we shared was magical and the love I share with his family and friends is what keeps me going now. I was to be his coach for life and he was to be my true friend for life.

This web site is dedicated to Brian. He touched the lives of so, so many at such a young age and the fact that they renamed the main football stadium in his hometown of Lezhe in Albania after him says it all. So does the statue that now sits outside the renamed Brian Filipi training ground in his adopted hometown of Cervia in Italy and the, " Brian Filipi Tournament " which included the youth teams of Parma, Napoli, Bologna and Udinese.

These are all testament to him, both as a footballer and as a man. 

Brian's incredible legacy stands as a shining example of professionalism, talent and humility. Rare, rare traits amongst today's WAG's footballing culture.

Brian..., What time is it ???


Vai Gino..., VAI xxxxxx  


This is the last picture I took with Brian. He later wrote on Facebook...,

" This is the person I hold most dear..., I love you my friend ! One day things will change for you ! For always, " IT'S SHOWTIME ! "

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The Way We Were...,

The Way We Were...,