Brian Filipi

Brian Filipi

" Slim - I've never had such an intense or individualised, 1 to 1, football coaching training camp in all my life. In just 6 weeks you taught me the world and you transformed me into something that so, so many people said that I would NEVER become.

You know way too many things to be human ! You're just too good and I don't think that there can be another personal football coach in the world who coach's football in the way that you do using just the things that they've developed themselves. You see what others don't see and you bring out what others say doesn't exist, or can't be done.

Slim, thank you just doesn't seem enough.

A big, big thank you again to all the footballers who called me to talk to me about you and what I could expect ! To hear these people talk to me about you just as I'm doing now was just amazing. 

One day I'll do all I can to help you and to make you as happy as you've made me.

I care for you with with all my heart.

Heart. Hunger. Desire. Passion. This is me today. This is me tomorrow. This is me always.

Your great friend, Brian Baft Mir ! "